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Here’s how it works

Attract Ideal Clients

Content Curation
Followed finds top-quality, viral-ready articles for you to share. Our “Find and Pull Engine” knows whether others will “like” content, BEFORE you share it on social media. Your social media followers will like, share and engage with you more often. Our proprietary algorithm makes sure of it.
Content Creation
Tired of slaving for hours over posts that never get shared? We give you plenty of post ideas, updates and tweets to share. This saves you tons of time, money and aggravation. Or, write your own posts when you’re feeling creative. Easy.
Content Scheduling
Automatically recycle, re-schedule and re-purpose your best content perpetually into the future. Never let an article, post, or tweet go to waste by sharing it only once.
Call To Action
Drive traffic to your website with Followed’s unique, customizable Call-to-Action button. It adds an easy-to-see “visit my website” message to every one of your social media posts, and increases visits to your site up to 60%.
Your up-to-the-minute results tell you which posts are on a hot streak (and should be re-posted), and which Call to Actions are driving the most traffic. We can even automatically update your Call to Actions for best results, and automatically reschedule posts getting the most engagement. Now that’s leverage!

Close More Sales

Do your ideal clients know who you are? If you’re not showing up for the social media “cocktail party” every day, you’re missing out on amazing opportunities to make more money. Followed helps more ideal clients say, “Hey, I know who you are!”
What makes you the authority in your field? You! That’s who. When you use Followed to manage your social media and share great content, you are telling your audience, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this industry figured out.” That’s powerful positioning.
What makes a person believable? Consistently showing up in a customer’s life with useful answers to their problems. Followed removes the hassle of “showing up” and it even finds the useful answers for you. It delivers your credibility on a silver platter.
You’ve gotten through the first 3 steps: people know, like and trust you. Now how can you get people to take action? Use Followed’s Call-to-Action button to send traffic to your site. Now you’re in the driver’s seat.
Engaged customers spend more—it’s proven! Once people are listening and visit your website, converting them into paying customers is easy. You’ve already given them value and have become their go-to expert, now make them an offer… and help them say yes!

Harness the Power of Social Media to Make More Money

  1. 1

    Stand Out from the Crowd - Share your message, your style, and your unique value without writing a single post.

  2. 2

    Stay Top of Mind - We predict the best times of day to post to get the most shares, likes and clicks.

  3. 3

    Stop Worrying About Your Accounts - We’ll manage the grunt work for you.

  4. 4

    See Your Results - Track your progress on our easy dashboard. Because, let’s face it. Social Media can be fun… but real results for your business are key!

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Greater social media results are just a click away!

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