Hands-Free Social Sharing

How to add a Call To Action that gets results

At Folwd, our focus is to set your social networking on autopilot and keep the whole operation as hands free as possible. That has always been our primary purpose…   To give you an authoritative presence in Social Media To position you as an expert in your field To help you generate marketable contacts and build your list of customers and ... Read More »

Words are a powerful thing


When you have a message, sometimes you can be so anxious to deliver it that you say the first thing that pops into your head. English is such a versatile language that is seems a shame to waste it. And yes, we do waste it…   I was on a website once where a wordsmith asked “Why be dull, boring, ... Read More »

Most people never do this…

H.L. Hunt

For the last couple of weeks we’ve talked about how START A MOVEMENT where we learned the three necessary things you must do if you want people to follow you:   You need the guts to stand out and be ridiculed Sow your first follower how to follow, and then embrace them as an equal The first follower is what ... Read More »

Start a movement


Last week we talked about Meformers vs. INFORMERS where we learned the importance of disseminating interesting, useful information for your followers and visitors to your site.  This encourages growth and expansion through shares and your broadening influence.   This week’s article stands on its own, but there is no reason that you should deprive yourself of the information, so I’ll just wait ... Read More »

Inform, don’t Meform

Inform, don’t Meform

Are you looking for more Followers?  Some people want to spread news and information; some people want to share; and some people simply crave the attention.  Which one are you? Informers These folks comprise most of the professional bloggers.  They are the astronomers, like Phil Plait who have interesting stories to tell to educate the public; they are the home chefs that ... Read More »

Using Pinterest to Increase Sales

Getting More Customers Using Pinterest with Folwd

We all need improved methods to raise our popularity in our marketing ventures; yes we have a stable of traditional e-market practices which are effective, but competitors have a similar collection and are keeping up with us. Is there a way to pull ahead? Associations with popular, related news items, people, and sites have helped us gain before, but with ... Read More »

How I Increased My Website Traffic by 408%


We love how our community keeps us busy making Folwd the best tool out there for social sharing. Your ideas are what drive our innovation, so we listen carefully. You guys asked us to add Feeds to Folwd, so that you can share content from your favorite websites on your social profiles. We listened and got back to work. It took us ... Read More »

How Does Folwd Curate Content?

We have an update for this. As our system became intelligent, we realized it was at par with a human. So we are now using our robots for the most part. Human intervention is done at the very minimum. It allows us to scale Folwd as per your needs withuot any friction. We got this question from a lot of ... Read More »