Hands-Free Social Sharing

How to add a Call To Action that gets results

At Folwd, our focus is to set your social networking on autopilot and keep the whole operation as hands free as possible. That has always been our primary purpose…


  • To give you an authoritative presence in Social Media
  • To position you as an expert in your field
  • To help you generate marketable contacts and build your list of customers and clients

But we can add to the experience! Every time we add articles to all your social media feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn, it is another opportunity to connect with your visitors; it generates a positive impression about you, which is reflected in how people feel about you and your brand. We’re going to take every opportunity to increase that effect; we’ll make managing your social networking easier and more profitable with less time investment.

Call To Action…

We’ve added an exciting new FREE feature that will drive people to your site, funnel, or landing page every time they click on one of the stories or articles or newsfeeds we’ve added to your posts. It’s a brand new way to engage your customer. They look at the useful article that isn’t trying to sell them anything – merely provide useful information – and feel inclined to investigate further. We make it easy.

At the bottom of each article we now add a semi-transparent banner with your message (in this example “Need help with your finances?”) and a “Call To Action” button that you can set the text on, (“Talk to us!”)


Now when you log into your Folwd account, and click on the Social Accounts tab, you’ll see an interesting new feature.  In your social accounts setting  are some new fields to fill in, which you can access by clicking on the “Advanced” setting button.



I’ve colored the fields below to help you identify them.  Red is the message that will appear on the banner.  Blue is place holder for the button text.  Green is the URL your client will be taken to when they click there…  If you have a Google Analytics ID, you can enter that too.



This amazing new feature will open a brand new path for people to connect with you.  Drop by the website now and experience it for yourself.

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