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How Does Folwd Curate Content?

We have an update for this. As our system became intelligent, we realized it was at par with a human. So we are now using our robots for the most part. Human intervention is done at the very minimum. It allows us to scale Folwd as per your needs withuot any friction.

We got this question from a lot of our Beta users and hence I believe it is time we gave you guys an insight into our behind the scenes process. Mind you, it does not look as pretty as what you see as a user of the service.

Manual Filtering by Humans

Human filtering

Every single piece of content goes through skeptic eyes of administrators.

Folwd has a lot of crawlers that keep crawling the Internet. Obviously not all content is made equal. Therefore, every single piece of content that our crawlers find goes through manual filtering to weed out the less than awesome content.

Behind the Scene Process

The content curation process involves looking through every article and assigning relevant tags to them. We have a list of tags given by our users and we find relevant content for those tags every day.

An administrator searches the content for a particular tag, e.g. Technology. The following image shows what it look like.

Folwd Admin Search For Technology

The administrator then clicks on the Categorize button to assess this page and put it in the bucket where it belongs. This categorization helps us understand what kind of audience this content will appeal to. The following page looks like as shown in the image below:

Folwd Human Content Allocation Admin SectionYou see a bunch of things here. The left side window displays the entire webpage. The Post Title on the right side shows the title for this article, this article can be changed by an administrator to something more fitting. Same goes with the description right under the title.

The most interesting thing is below the description. The tag “Technology” is in green color which means our system has identified this article as belonging to technology category. The administrator has read the content and thus it is quick to verify if the tags are correct. If not, the administrator can add or remove tags.

If an article is not worthy of getting in, the administrator can delete it by clicking the delete button on top. If the website looks shady, obnoxious or less than awesome the administrator can click on unlike button to entirely remove it from our system. The system then generates an email that goes out to our tech team who will remove that website from further crawls.

In order to speed up the process, when an admin clicks on Save Changes, the system shows next post in the same category.

No Tag Left Behind

When we have thousands of tags, how can we prioritize which tag gets what content? We have a very simple solution to it, which should work fine going further as well. We simply list the tags that should be allocated content at the bottom.

Folwd No Tag Left BehindThe tags at the bottom are the ones that have no content allocated today. Once a tag has enough allocation it will disappear from that list for that day only to appear back for more articles the following day.

Now you know the inside of our content allocation system. Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestion on it.

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