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How I Increased My Website Traffic by 408%

How I Increased My Website Traffic by 408%

We love how our community keeps us busy making Folwd the best tool out there for social sharing. Your ideas are what drive our innovation, so we listen carefully. You guys asked us to add Feeds to Folwd, so that you can share content from your favorite websites on your social profiles. We listened and got back to work. It took us so long because, hey, we wanted to get it just right. We have it ready for your feedback: how’d we do?  Did I mention we listen to you?

FEEDing everyone everywhere!

You’ll like to hear this. There is no limit on how many feeds you can add as of now. We might have to adjust it based on your usage pattern in the future. However, if you guys don’t kill us with Feeds we will let it be free for all forever!

Just add a Feed and select the accounts it posts to. You can have us share the new content automatically as soon as it is published, or you can manually schedule it. Similar to self-composed posts, Feed posts do not count towards your suggested awesome content quota, which means you will continue to get your awesome content the way you always have.

Increase Traffic to Your Site using Feeds

Let us jump to what provoked me to create this post. A good friend of mine, Dr. Debraj De, runs an interesting blog about Internet of Things called Cyber Things.  I help him manage things other than writing because I love his blog.  While it has a lot of rich content, it really didn’t get the love it should have been getting from search engines. If the blog received 20 visitors, that was a good day!

I added it to my feed on Folwd recently so that I can share the content with others. I am a member of a few LinkedIn groups related to Internet of Things and I continuously post updates there. I am in fact a top contributor there, thanks to Folwd 100%. I started sharing this awesome content with members of those groups, using Folwd. It has only been 5 days since I shared it and you can see the results below:

Cythings increases traffic using Folwd

There were 143 new visits in only 5 days through RSS. It is exactly similar to what Google sent over last 30 days. Visitors spent over two minutes on the website, which means they spent more time reading the content. Moreover, they read 1.55 pages on average. The traffic from Twitter (t.co) may or may not be from Folwd, so let us assume it is not. To put things into perspective, I have increased my traffic by 408%.

Steps You can take to Increase Traffic to Your Site

Let us now go over what I did step-by-step and how you can reproduce a similar effect:

Connect your RSS feed with your Folwd account. The form to add a feed looks like the following:

Adding a feed to Folwd


Click the “Add New Feed” label on the top right to open the form. Enter your feed details and select a category where the feed will post. If you are not sure what accounts belong to which category, you can click on the Mapping menu on the left side and quickly see which accounts are under that category.

When there is a new item published on that Feed it will be posted to every social account mapped to this category. It will not happen automatically, unless you choose so. Just uncheck the checkbox right above the Add Feed button. If not, it will go to your content page waiting for your approval.

You will see the top posts from the feed listed in the box below the form. You will see the “Schedule” button under every post that has not yet been posted. Under the content menu, you can see the ones that are currently scheduled or the ones that have already been posted. You can even post them again from there if you prefer.

That is all it takes to start getting traffic that you never knew could be yours! While I only share it on my LinkedIn groups as I am active there and hence can engage in follow-ups, you can have Folwd posting these articles on any of the other social accounts as well. You can even post to multiple accounts on every social platform, from the Folwd dashboard.

What are you waiting for? Get started with Folwd and more than double your traffic today. 

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