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Inform, don’t Meform

Are you looking for more Followers?  Some people want to spread news and information; some people want to share; and some people simply crave the attention.  Which one are you?

Social media is to Inform, don’t Meform.


These folks comprise most of the professional bloggers.  They are the astronomers, like Phil Plait who have interesting stories to tell to educate the public; they are the home chefs that cook every day, and want to share their creations; they are astronauts teaching space science ; they are artisans or craftspeople that offer advice to others that wish to learn how to build a table, or change the oil in their car, or get those pesky squirrels out of their attic. These are individuals who who want to share useful knowledge about relevant and/or extraordinary happenings.


These are the people that want to tell you about their lives; about decisions that they have made; about how they perceive the world; and about how things are going in their lives.  Some of them are adventure-hounds that are living life to the fullest, sailing or rowing or canoeing solo across the Atlantic or Pacific ocean; training to run a marathon; running or cycling across the country to support a charity; or they’re building or designing something that is going to change the world.

Or they could be ordinary people that simply put their diary online; people that live ordinary lives; with ordinary challenges and ordinary solutions.  It may be a way to assure relatives, which they don’t see often, that they’re okay.

Follow this

Whatever the motivation, if you do want more followers , there is a strategy you might consider trying. 

Informers are more popular by far than Meformers.  “What is a meformer?” I hear you ask.  In truth, it is an artifice created by Researchers at Rutgers University to describe users that post social media updates mostly relating to themselves, whereas informers try to be entertaining or educational by sharing interesting or useful data about things other than themselves.

Check out the Rutgers University research here:

What does this mean to me?

Well, you have a couple of choices to make…  You could spend a great deal of time and effort crafting original articles to promote yourself (or your business); or you could sign in to Folwd right now and add some content tags to your blog and website. 

In the latter case you stand to benefit from the knowledge of industry experts in your business domain that attract customers by informing them.  Placing relevant articles throughout your web space will get eyeballs where you need them; it will generate shares, which in turn generates more traffic, which in turn generates more followers.  Now your influence has increased, too.


If you desire more followers, this is something you should take care of as soon as possible.  Growth only starts after you plant the seeds.  Tend to that garden now!

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