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Last week we talked about Meformers vs. INFORMERS where we learned the importance of disseminating interesting, useful information for your followers and visitors to your site.  This encourages growth and expansion through shares and your broadening influence.


This week’s article stands on its own, but there is no reason that you should deprive yourself of the information, so I’ll just wait here while you go have a look at it… (Click the link above) Back already?  Okay let’s learn how to…

Start a movement


I love Ted talks and a few days ago I found this Derek Sivers video: “How to start a movement” which really spoke to me.

Everyone needs the occasional inspirational lesson.   We need a cunning little insight into what makes people tick – why they do the things that they do.   How do movements start?  What allows them to start in the first place?  How important is the first person trying to start the movement

How important is the first follower ?  Surprisingly, the first follower changes the voice of the person starting the movement from a lone-cry in the wilderness, into something more tangible and meaningful.  The first follower is an underestimated form of leader.



How do leaders make a movement?

The leader acknowledges the first follower as an equal.  The first follower, in turn, shows others how to follow, encouraging them to join in.  New followers will emulate the first follower and a movement is born.

This video really is great.  It gives you a whole new slant on the concept of leaders, and who the real leaders are.  This will fundamentally alter your perceptions, and I’m giving you the assignment of watching it.  Click the link that follows and learn something new.  Come on…do it now!  I promise you’ll be glad you did!


Jay Moran
Co-Founder at Folwd

And next week we’ll talk about “Most People”
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