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Using Pinterest to Increase Sales

Using Pinterest to Increase Sales

We all need improved methods to raise our popularity in our marketing ventures; yes we have a stable of traditional e-market practices which are effective, but competitors have a similar collection and are keeping up with us. Is there a way to pull ahead?

Associations with popular, related news items, people, and sites have helped us gain before, but with a bit of experimentation, an interesting new strategy utilizing Pinterest has arisen.

With a simple Twitter account, and making a connection between it and my Folwd Feed from a pair of actively updated Pinterest boards, the Twitter accounts “influence” grew suddenly, garnering a surprising number of followers in very little time and supplementing those every additional day.

Surprisingly Easy

Folwd allows you to add an RSS feed (Rich Site Summary, or jokingly referred to as Really Simple Syndication) to your account. Mapping such a feed to a category will automatically direct anything related to all the social accounts in that category.

Pinterest allows us to take this one step further by using any Pinterest board as a feed. Once that is done you can direct the images from the feed to wherever you need them to appear. Best advice?

  1. Choose a board that fits your business category;
  2. Make sure the board is actively updated;
  3. The board should have a decent number of followers

How to use this to Gain Customers

Popular Pinterest boards have really great pictures. Your interest might be Food, Fashion, Health or any niche you prefer. You can use those pictures to steer more eyeballs to your own website.

You can spread the images generously throughout your site and inevitably some of them will get re-shared acquiring new followers for you. And once people start noticing you, your reach will go up as well. WinWin!

Practical example

I created a Twitter account as a Foodie who loves food. I added two feeds to my Folwd account and allowed them to post to this account. I also added some keywords to get content that was not from Feeds.

Here is the Twitter account for this experiment.  As you can immediately see, at the time of writing, this account already has 1220 followers. If you pay good attention you will see there are some big brands in that list including AppleBee’s.

Please note that I also used another tool called TweetFull to help me take this account to the next level. But none of that can happen if people do not see quality content from you.

Here is what my Twitter analytics screen looks like.

Twitter Influence Using Folwd

As you can see the account got about 12,400 impressions in last week (over 40,000 since starting earlier in October). If this account had a website listed in its profile it would get some people to check that out as well. Even at a meager conversion of 2%, we would get about 250 visitors from Twitter a week.

Note that this number should grow as the follower count grows. Another thing that can be done to increase this number is to add more such Pinterest Feeds to update the account more frequently. This account has a Klout Score of 52 at the time of writing this post.

So there you have it: one easy-to-implement way to become a power user on Social media with the virtue of Folwd.

If you find this idea helpful then check out the STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL  and we will literally walk you through how to do this.

And share with us how you stay on top of your social media and if you have done any experiments like this.

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