Frequently Asked Questions

What is Followedapp?

Followedapp is a productivity enhancement tool, which can manage all of your social media, from one dashboard. A user only has to give us his business information and we can later take care of the rest. It helps making in uplifting your social media presence by supporting content gathering, multiple accounts and custom scheduling.

Which social networking sites does Followedapp support?

Followedapp allows posts to be delivered to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why use Followedapp?

Followedapp a social sharing platform for productive individuals. Users who do not have time to manage their social networking world but are adamant on marketing their service/product should use Followedapp, as a service to easily keep their social world up to date. With your basic business instructions, Followedapp steps in to manage and uplift your social media presence.

How can I get started with Followedapp?

To get started with Followedapp, you need to provide us with some of your basic business ideas and requirements. That’s it! Followedapp then takes care of your social media presence, delivers articles of your choice in a suitable environment, all to achieve maximum online influence on social networks.

How do I add accounts on Followedapp?

Adding your social accounts is the first step towards Followedapp. You can add or remove accounts on the ‘Social Accounts’ page of Followedapp. For example, your personal Facebook account can be named as My Personal Facebook. The number of accounts which you could add and manage, depends upon the plan you select.

How do I find out which posts will go to which social account?

You can map various social accounts to various categories of yours. Suppose, if you want to gain business by sending marketing related posts to your Facebook page, then you can do so. For that, you choose the category ‘Marketing’, then this category can be mapped to the business Facebook account of yours. You can accomplish this functionality on the ‘Mapping’ page of Followedapp.

How can I schedule a post for future?

Followedapp allows you to select or compose a post and then send it to your social media accounts, at the desired date and time. After composing or selecting an article of your choice, you can either select an option of ‘Post Now’ or ‘Schedule it’. In the latter one, are given a date and time to be selected and the post will then be sent at your selected date and time.

Can I re-send a post on Followedapp?

Yes! If you find that a particular post has been doing well on social media, you can repost it. Having sent a post on social networking account of yours, you can view your post in the ‘History’ column of the ‘Posts’ page. Look for the article you want to re-send and click on ‘Post Again’. The desired post will be sent again.

Can I edit or delete a post which hasn’t been posted yet?

Absolutely! A scheduled post can be edited or removed according to your needs. You can perform this function on the ‘Posts’ page. Followedapp allows you to easily manage your posts by editing, removing, scheduling and approving them.

How can I manage to send my favorite posts to the desired social networking accounts?

Followedapp suggests you posts according to your selected categories and after looking at the posts, you can read them and then approve them. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Approve’ button, placed beneath each post, on the ‘Posts’ page of Followedapp. That’s all you have to do. We will send your post to the desired social media account (according to your mapping).

How do I get to see articles of my choice?

You need to select a Category to tell us that you are interested in articles under it. In addition to that, you can also enter tags in the selected category. After doing so, we will provide you with a list of articles of your selected Category and your selected tags. You can look into this feature on the ‘Content’ page of Followedapp. For example, if you select a Category called ‘Technology’, you can suggest tags like ‘Mobile’, ‘Gadgets’, etc. Later on you can post your favourite articles to various social media.

What does the Auto Posting feature do?

If you want your posts to reach your social media accounts at a time when they get maximum user involvement, then you need to select the ‘Auto-posting’ feature of ours. It is highly recommended and useful for users to post stuff on social media when it gets most user attention. You can select this on the ‘Settings’ page of Followedapp. Along with this, there are other settings provided to a user and he can then select whichever is best suitable to him.

How do I know which plan is beneficial to me?

You can find more details on our plans and pricing page.

Is there a cost to sign up?

There is no cost for a sign up but a user needs to select a plan according to his needs. The Plans can be viewed on the ‘Plans and Pricing’ page of the website. When he selects one, we give the user a 30 day free trial period. After this period is over, we charge the first month’s fee via a payment system associated with Followedapp. We then charge the user on that day of each month for as long as you want to keep your Followedapp subscription.


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