How Followed Works for You

Step 1: Set Up Your Account (The Done-for-You Method)

Each New Client Success Session is a one-on-one quick start meeting with a Followedapp social media expert. You will be guided through the entire process of getting set up and shown best practices for getting the most out of Followedapp.

By the end of the session, your account will be completely customized and working perfectly.


Step 1: Set Up Your Account (The DIY Method)

Connect Your Social Media Accounts to Followedapp

Give Followedapp permission to post content to your preferred social media accounts. Your wish is our command.

Personalize Your Content

Would you like your Facebook account to get Fine Dining tips… and your LinkedIn account to get Small Business tips? That’s easy! With a single click, you can create a simple “map” that sends the right content to the right social media account… every time.

Step 2: Post Content 2 Ways

Let Followedapp Find the Content… Your “One Click” Approval Sends It Out

Followedapp’s behind-the-scenes engine is a maze of scientific genius with one goal: to help you generate leads, attract ideal customers, and increase sales.

Just for fun: here’s a picture of what Followedapp goes through to find you the most likable, sharable, clickable content anywhere on the web.

Write a Custom Post

Post a quick note or status update to your audience. Say a quick “hello”, get suggestions for future tweets, or share a video message to build rapport. Post your custom post right now, or schedule it for later delivery. Simple and easy.

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